About Us

Steve Jobs had an insatiable desire to dream big and change the world. He did!

And in doing so, inspired many more!

Maqmodo grew from such an inspiration. It draws on Steve’s inspiration to excel.

We at Maqmodo strive to help users of Apple products enhance their experience by bringing attention to hardware and software that is made by Apple or for Apple products.

Writing everything about Apple products is a dream come true.

We hope you will find our articles and reviews interesting and entertaining. We hope it adds great value to you when you need guidance and advice on an Apple or Apple-related product.


All reviews on Maqmodo are completely unbiased. We only review hardware and software that we believe are interesting and useful to our audience. If there is something we don’t like or its just average, we won’t post it on our blog. If you believe you have created a product that meets or rises above the Apple standards and experience, you can give us a free review unit/app for testing.


Maqmodo uses industry standard Adsense ads. Sponsored posts are also available to companies who wish to reach out to our audiences with long-form articles and such posts are always clearly marked as such. We also use affiliate links whenever possible as a revenue generating mechanism. You support MaqModo when you buy products using our links.

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