Don’t Let The Apple Watch Get in the Way of your Workouts–Get the ActionSleeve Apple Watch Armband

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The Apple Watch is a great workout and fitness tracker and is probably one of the main reasons why many users opt for it. If you are using the Apple Watch for tracking your workouts, then, you best make sure not to bend your wrist too often. Because that can give inconsistent results. Twelve South’s ActionSleeve Apple Watch Armband is designed to help you use the Apple Watch to your advantage in such situations.

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Why Use ActionSleeve Apple Watch Armband

ActionSleeve Apple Watch Armband

Let’s say, for example, that you are doing some intense weight lifting exercises or push ups. One of the most natural tendencies in such workouts is to bend the wrist. With the Apple Watch on your wrist, you can end up nudging the digital crown or moving the heart-rate sensor away from the skin. The result is  a bunch of inconsistent readings. And, if you’re into sports like kickboxing or any training involving gloves, the Apple Watch is sure to get completely covered. Again, that’s not going to help.

Taking off the Apple Watch is not an option. You’ll miss out on all that important tracking and training data. If you’re stuck in such situations, the  Twelve South ActionSleeve Apple Watch Armband helps.

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ActionSleeve Design

The ActionSleeve Apple Watch Armband is just under 17 inches long with a soft silicone bumper to hold the Apple Watch body. To attach the Watch to the armband, you need to first remove your existing Watch band. Then insert the Apple Watch body into the soft silicone bumper frame. Now you can strap on the ActionSleeve to your bicep or upper arm and adjust the Velcro so that its sits firmly on your arm.

The 42mm ActionSleeve fits arms between 11–17 inches (28cm – 43cm) in circumference. There is also a 42mm Slim ActionSleeve armband. That fits smaller arms from 9–12.6 inches (23cm – 32cm) in circumference.

The ActionSleeve  is designed in such a way that you have full, unimpeded access to the screen, crown and button. The outer part of the ActionSleeve has a bumper edge protecting the Apple Watch face from nicks, scratches and other impact.

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Using the ActionSleeve

The armband itself is completely flexible so you can adjust and affix it to any part of your arm, anytime. And you don’t always have to wear it on your arm. For example, if you are not doing intense workouts involving the wrist, like running, you can use the ActionSleeve on your wrist, like a normal Watch and still track your workout data.

Once your workouts are over, you can remove the Apple Watch and hand wash the ActionSleeve. This will keep it fresh and ready for your next workout.

If you’re having difficulty using the Apple Watch effectively during workouts, consider getting yourself the ActionSleeve Apple Watch Armband. It’s got a great rating on Amazon and is available for $29.99.

Is the Apple Watch getting in the way of your workouts? Affix it to your arm with Twelve South's ActionSleeve Apple Watch Armband and exercise away. #AppleWatch, #Armbands, #AppleAccessories
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