Avido WiBa is a Power Bank That Also Wirelessly Charges Your iPhone

Avido WiBa - MMFI

Maryland-based consumer electronics company Avido has launched the world’s first power bank – WiBa . It is a device that wirelessly charges your iPhone while also charging itself.

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Avido’s range of products are made to the highest standards featuring quality, safety, and performance. It is not surprising then, that they have a number of award winning products to their credit. The latest in their innovative lineup is WiBa, a wireless power bank that also doubles up as a charger for your iPhone.

Features of Avido WiBa Power Bank

WiBa wireless charging system

The Avido WiBa power bank packs a 5000 mAh battery that charges Qi-enabled devices wirelessly. With its all-in-one charging dock, it delivers a truly cord cutting experience for users who work a lot on the go.

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You simply place your power bank on WiBa’s charging dock to start charging it. After the power bank is sufficiently charged, you can place your Qi-enabled wireless iPhone on top of the power bank. You can also plug the USB Type-C cable into the power bank and charge the WiBa and iPhone simultaneously.

WiBa promises to deliver a better charging experience thanks to 2 slim metal plates that easily attach to the back or case of your phone. These black and white plates ensure that your phone stays magnetically attached to the power bank and does not slide off. If your iPhone is inside a case, Avido strongly recommends that you ensure it is slim and supports wireless charging pass-through.

WiBa can charge your iPhone up to 2 times on a single charge. The built-in LED status lights on the device let you see the remaining power level.

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Features of WiBa

  • Powerful, thin 5,000mAh portable power bank with built-in wireless charging
  • Qi-compatible, fast charge wireless charging pad
  • Fast charge compatible
  • USB-C cable and QC 3.0 AC adapter
  • Two slip-proof magnetic phone plates

Kevin Lance, founder and president of Avido, in his launch statement said that there is nothing like WiBa on the market today. If you are interested in checking out WiBa , you can pre-order one at the Avido website. The power bank is priced at $99.95 and is expected to ship in February of this year.

What you do think of this dual charging wireless system? Do you think that it will deliver a better wireless charging experience on the go?

Avido has launched the world’s first power bank that wirelessly charges your iPhone while also charging itself. Get all the details here. #wireless chargers #power banks.
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