Bear 1.5 Update Brings Notes Archive, Custom Icons for Tags, ePub Export Features

Bear App Update - Version 1.5 - MMFI

We reviewed the incredibly elegant Bear Notes App when it launched last year and we loved it. It has come a long way since and its most recent update, to version 1.5 brings in a lot more features you’re going to enjoy using. Notes Archive, Custom Icons for Tags, and ePub Export are just a few of the incredible features available in version 1.5. Here are all the details.

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Bear Notes App Update – Version 1.5

Notes Archive

As you create notes, your notes list has undoubtedly becomes very long. If there are notes you no longer need to reference, they are only going to clutter up your list. Now, with the latest update you can archive older notes. This way you have a clean notes list and you can still search and find older notes in the archives.

Quick Access

Want to get to your notes quicker? The Bear app sidebar now has a special section to help you get to certain types of notes. Such as notes that are untagged, to-do, archived, or set for today. This allows you to easily organize your notes and access them anytime in a convenient fashion.

Custom Icons for Tags

Bear App Update Version 1.5 - TagCon

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Remember TagCons from the 1.4 version? Tagcons are basically icons for tags. Earlier, if you had a tag called Receipts, the app would automatically denote it with an icon. With the latest update, you can choose your own custom icon.

Currently, the app has over 170 icons in its library (of which 80 are new).  More icons are expected to be added to the library in the coming days. Once you set up your own custom icon, it will appear in the header as well making it easy to know which tag you are browsing.

Export Notes

You can now export all notes from a specific tag. And if you have sub-tags, they’ll become subfolders.

ePub Export

Bear Notes App Update Version 1.5 - ePub Export

Bear is more than just a notes app. If you plan to write lengthy prose, then you’ll like this new feature update – ePub export. Pretty self explanatory stuff – you can now export all of your writing material in the ePub format.


Some of the other improvements and features included in the update are listed below.

  • Code syntax highlighting for 3 new languages.
  • If you are using Bear app on the Mac, you can now open a single note in a floating window by double-clicking it in the Notes list.
  • There are a couple of new themes called Ayu and Dieci.

Just note that some of the updates in version 1.5 are available for Pro users and some are available for all. If you get a Pro subscription, you can enjoy a seamless experience of all the best Bear features across your Mac, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. And it is only $15 a year.

If you want to know more about Bear, you can also read our review of the app and take the free version for a test drive to know if it works for you.

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That’s it for this v1.5 update. Let us know your favorite feature.

Notes Archive, Custom Icons for Tags, and ePub Export are just few of the great features available in Version 1.5 of the popular BearNotesapp. Here are all the details. #NotesApps #WritingApps
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