HomePod Coasters, Stands and Cases : Our Roundup of the Best HomePod Accessories

Our Roundup of the Best HomePod Accessories - MMFI

The Apple HomePod has been available for a little over a month now and if you are proud owner of one, you’ll want to further your HomePod experience with some accessories. Luckily, there are quite a large number of accessory makers who are shipping stands, mounts, cases, coasters and more to give you that experience. Here is our roundup of the best HomePod accessories for 2018.

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Best HomePod Accessories Roundup

Best HomePod Coasters

Best HomePod Coasters

The excitement of bringing home a HomePod was somewhat spoiled when users discovered that the HomePod left a white ring on certain desktops. Third party accessory makers quickly jumped in to offer some cool coasters to overcome the problem.

Capra Leather HomePod Pad

This is a double sided leather coaster that is available in mono or a pair. For an additional $10, you can also engrave your initials on these beauties. The coaster is available in black, cognac, acorn, havana, marron, green and cowhide shades.

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HomePlate Coaster from H-Squared

Constructed from laser cut acrylic, this coaster sports a simple design to blend seamlessly with the HomePod. It has a raised center disc to hold the HomePod in place with rubber feet to absorb the vibrations from the speaker.

PU Leather Coaster by Exact Design

The HomePod PU leather coaster from Exact Design can withstand wear and tear thanks to its microfiber bottom. It comes in two fun colors including American Flag and Lucky Tree.

Best HomePod Stands

Best HomePod Stands

Grovemade Stands

Grovemade’s HomePod stand is more of a ring with a micro-suede foot for added protection. It is available in aluminum ($49), hardwood ($29), and cork ($20) materials and is made to order.

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MERES Aluminum Mount Holder Stand

The MERES HomePod stand is a square holder with a non-slip soft rubber base to prevent slipping and avoid speaker vibration. There is a vent at the bottom to let out the heating. The stand is available in black and silver colors.

elago HomePod Silicone Stand

Unlike most HomePod stand, the silicone stand from elago has you placing the HomePod on its sides rather than straight up. This gives you better access to the Touch Control and LED panel, and without interrupting speaker quality. elago’s Homepod stand will make its debut on 20th April and will be available in white and black shades.

Best HomePod Cases

Best HomePod Cases

The HomePod is perfect to carry with you on the go. Just make sure to carry them in a solid protective case like the ones mentioned below.

Hermitshell Hard EVA Travel Case

The Hermitshell carrying case offers the right fit for the HomePod to protect it from bumps, dents and scratches. It is available in black and silver shades for just under $20.

Capra Leather HomePod Travel Case

The Capra Leather HomePod Travel case sports a padded bottom and a nice cable management system. A protective zipper strip keeps the HomePod secure inside the case and a handle at the top makes it easy to carry around. It is available in brown color with an option to get it engraved.

Yocktec Case for HomePod Speaker

The Yocktec case looks like a stylish handbag with microfiber interior for comfort and protection. An adjustable shoulder strap and a side handle makes for easy portability on the go. A classic zipper serves to easily open and close the case. A separate inner pocket lets you hold cables, plugs, and other essential accessories. In all, this is a pretty handy case to take with your on your travels.

That’s our roundup of the best HomePod accessories for 2018. If you purchased a HomePod accessory that you absolutely love or totally hate, share it with us in the comments.



If you own a HomePod, check out our roundup of the best HomePod accessories that you can consider buying to enhance your user experience. #HomePod
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