CableSnap is a Cable Organizer that Keeps Your Apple Cords under Control

CableSnap is a Cable Organizer that Keeps Your Apple Cords under Control - MMFI

A cable-free world would be wonderful, but until then, these dapper leather wraps are perfect to keep wires under control. Check out the CableSnap.

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Twelve South, makers of the vintage BookBook Vol 2 case, have a handy little accessory that can keep your wires and cords tangle-free. Its called a CableSnap and it is a leather wrap where you can keep your cables neatly coiled up. A strong metal snap helps to keep each snap securely closed.

CableSnap – The Convenient Cable Organizer


CableSnap is sold in packs of three. Each set features one large and two small cable managers. The largest one, weighing about 7 grams is ideal to hold your 2-meter USB-C charging cable. The smaller snaps weigh about 2.8 gms and are perfect for your Lightning Cable, AirPods or earbuds, or your 1-meter Apple Watch charging cable.

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Considering the size of these wraps, its easy to lose them. To prevent that from happening, the wraps sport a cord loop to keep them attached to your cables. When you are ready to use them, you need to simply slip one end of the cord through the CableSnap loop. When you unplug and pack up, your leather wrap will be where you left it.

cablesnap loop

This cable organizer isn’t just handy when it comes to keeping your wires neatly organized. They also help to extend the life of your expensive Apple cords. Considering that the new MacBook Power Adapters don’t have cable wings, keeping your cord spooled is going to be next to impossible. By using CableSnap, you can prevent tangles and frays from happening. With your wires remaining untangled and undamaged they are bound to perform better too.

CableSnap is priced $19.99 and is available in three colors. You can take your pick from Black, Cognac or Marsala versions.

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Visit Twelve South to learn more on them or get them on Amazon.

Written by Adeline Gear
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