Easily Engage With Your Contacts Across Platforms with Cardhop for Mac

Easily Engage With Your Contacts Across Platforms with Cardhop for Mac - MMFI

Team Flexibits have launched a new app called Cardhop that is going to help you manage your contacts smartly and interact with them efficiently. We take a closer look at what Cardhop can do and how it is going to change the way you use your contacts.

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Managing your contacts isn’t much fun. Most contact apps are long winding forms that have a tendency to create contacts even without checking for duplicates. But managing contacts shouldn’t be such a drudgery.

Flexibits, the team behind the fantastic calendar app Fantastical intends to change all that with their simplistically designed contact management app Cardhop. Cardhop brings a fresh new approach to contact management that will truly change the way you work with your contacts.

We take a closer look at the app so stick around and discover a whole new way of managing your iOS contacts.

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Cardhop for Mac Brings Interactivity into a Boring Space

Cardhop is an interactive contacts app that does all its important tasks via the Mac Menu Bar. Whether you want to create contacts, manage them or interact with them in other ways, you can do it right from this bar. The Search box in the app plays an all encompassing role – sometimes acting as a search field and at other times as a text input area.

With Cardhop, Flexibits has managed to use its super smart parsing engine to turn the boring task of searching, adding and editing contacts so much more fun. It also works with all existing contacts on your Mac so you don’t have to bother reconfiguring anything. The app even lets you interact with phone numbers and email addresses that are not in your Contacts list.

Quick Overview of Cardhop

The Cardhop UI

When you click the Cardhop icon in the menu bar, it opens a dropdown window (that you can detach if you like). Right below it is a column displaying your contact groups on the left and your most recently contacted people and any upcoming birthdays on the right.

Cardhop UI

To see all of your contacts you simply tap the All Contacts button at the bottom of the window. If you want a minimalist window, just hit the Panel button at the bottom of the window. This will turn Cardhop to its most minimal UI, which is a cleaner way to use it.

Cardhop Minimalist UI

One of the nice things I find with Cardhop is the intelligent way it displays contacts by default. Instead of displaying all contacts in alphabetical order, Cardhop lists all recent contacts and upcoming birthdays. This is more relevant and useful than just displaying a bunch of names in a specific order.

Contact card details

When you hover over a contact, you will see options to message, call or video chat. Clicking on a contact opens the contact card with the action buttons displayed inside it. Each of those buttons are customizable. Just tap Add Field and you can replace the existing actions with more useful options like opening a webpage, starting a Skype call or sending messages via Twitter.

Using Cardhop

Just type in something like Mary S or Mum and the appropriate card will appear right away.

Or, you can type Adeline Gear [email protected] and Cardhop will let you update the email address in Adeline’s contact card, if you already have it.

You can even type call Missy Di and Cardhop will instantly start a phone call with Missy, right from your Mac. If you have Continuity or WiFi calling enabled on your iPhone you can initiate calls from your Mac. Just pair your iPhone to your Mac via Bluetooth to send the calls directly to your phone.

Cardhop even allows you to add a contact to a specific group. Just type in a #GROUPNAME and hit Enter and you’ve got your new contact right away in the appropriate group.

Other ways to interact with your existing contacts include typing the following actions followed by the name of your contact:

  • Call
  • Copy
  • Directions
  • Email
  • FaceTime
  • FaceTime Audio
  • Message
  • Skype
  • Telegram
  • Twitter
  • URL; and
  • VoIP

Customizing Cardhop

Editing contacts in Cardhop is pretty much the same as adding contacts. Cardhop is intelligent enough to recognize a new number that you want to add to your contacts. If the number you input in the text field is familiar, it will pull up the card for you. If not, it will offer to add it as a new contact. And there are some delightful little animations and sound effects that add a touch of personality to the app.

Personalizing Contacts

Another great feature in Cardhop is how you can add some extraneous information about your contacts into a card to make them more personal. Let’s say you just called up a client and discussed some ideas for a logo design. You can enter all the key details related to that discussion in the Notes section of the contact card. Some days later, when you want to know which client you spoke to about that specific logo design, you can go to Cardhop, type logo design and the search results will take you straight up to your contact. The Notes section is such a wonderful way to keep track of your most recent conversations with each contact.

Customizable UI

Your contact data isn’t the only thing that is customizable feature in Cardhop. You can change the theme color from black to a lighter one, you can set a default Twitter client, choose your preferred Maps app and even set how you want the names displayed and in what order. There’s even a handy shortcut – Control->Option->D to quickly access Cardhop and you can change this in your preferences.

Is Cardhop for You?

Cardhop is a fantastic contacts manager. There’s simply no doubt about it. But, is Cardhop for you? That’s a fair question to be asked since in today’s time we rarely use contact apps to manage all our communications. Individual apps often provide us with quick and easy autocomplete suggestions, recent communications and other features that help us access our contacts quicker.

If you prefer to go to one central app to communicate with all your contacts, then the easiest way to do it is via Cardhop. Whether you want to call a friend, email a client, tweet a follower, get directions, send a message via Telegram, do a Skype call or open a specific website, Cardhop makes it super easy to do it. You don’t have to open a ton of apps to talk to different people.

Outlook, one of my favorite desktop clients for email offer a pretty decent Address Book to manage contacts. But one look at Cardhop and you know how miserably the Outlook team have failed to make their contact management system truly useful to their loyal users.


Cardhop is the most exciting thing to happen to Contacts management. It is an app for the modern day mass communicator. It is a simple, sensible platform to engage with contacts no matter which platform they are available on, in the most natural way.

If you pick up Cardhop, I know you are not going to be disappointed. If you are struggling to communicate effectively with your friends, family, contacts, clients and every other group of people in your life, Cardhop can certainly make a huge difference in your life.

Grab the app on the Mac App Store or from the Flexibits Store. This fantastic app is normally $19.99, but being a fresh launch, you can enjoy some nice discount on the house and pick it up for $14.99 for a limited time. And before I forget, there’s a 21 day free trial you can take advantage of before you buy.

If you’ve purchased and used the app, I’d love to hear what you think of Cardhop. Do share them with us in the comments section.

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Cardhop brings a fresh new approach to contact management that will truly change the way you work with your contacts. #productivity
Written by Adeline Gear
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