Case-Mate Power Pad is a 9W Qi Enabled Wireless Charger for Fast Charging Your iPhone

Hot on the heels of mophie releasing its new wireless charger, the Mophie Charge Stream Pad+, Case-Mate has come out with its own wireless charging pad. The Power Pad as it is known, can be used with a vertical stand or as a horizontal pad, something that the Charge Stream Pad+ cannot do. Here’s more on the Case-Mate’s offering  – the Power Pad wireless charger.

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Why Buy Case-Mate Power Pad?

  • Delivers Fast Charging for Apple iPhone (7.5W)
  • Can be placed on a stand and charged in portrait or landscape mode
  • Can be charged on a pad
  • Soft LED light indicator lets you see status of charging
  • 2 year warranty

Case-Mate Power Pad Features

Case-Mate Power Pad

– Stand/Pad

When it comes to charging our smartphones, we all have our own preferences. Sometimes, we prefer to lay our phone flat on a pad and let it do the charging. At other times, we like to place it on a stand so we can use it while it charges.

But not all wireless chargers afford us the luxury of using it as a pad and as a stand. Case-Mate’s latest launch, the Power Pad is one stylish charger that meets this requirement. It also comes with a stand so that it can be used on a table or desk.

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– Design

– Fast Charging

The Power Pad is Qi certified and it is capable of fast charging the iPhone (8/8Plus/X). It also works on the Samsung Galaxy (S9/ S9+/ Note 8/ S8/ S8+/ S7/ S7 Edge/ Note 5/ S6/ S6 Edge), LG (V30/G6), and Google Nexus (4,5,6,7) phones.

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– Price

The Qi Certified Power Pad comes in 2 colors, black and white. Included in the box is a 5f power cord, an 18W power adapter, the Power Pad, a stand and a stand riser. The charger is available with or without the stand so if you want to save on costs, you can pick it up without the stand. With a 2 year warranty included, the Case-Mate PowerPad is sure to give mophie’s Charge Stream Pad+ some stiff competition.

Check it out and tell us what you think in the comments below.

Looking for a wireless charger that can be used as a pad and as a stand? Check out the Case-Mate Power Pad. #WirelessChargers
Written by Adeline Gear
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