Get Ready for the Holiday Season with These Cocktail Apps for iOS

Get Ready for the Holiday Season with These Cocktail Apps for iOS - MMFI

You don’t really need a reason to mix a good drink, but holidays brings friends and family together like nothing else does. If you’re planning to throw a lot of parties this holiday season, get yourself these solid cocktail apps and enjoy a merry tipple.

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Chances are you’re not a professional bartender, but love to make some shakes that are just as good as any of them. These top cocktail apps are sure to turn you into a professional mixer in no time. So go ahead, download these apps and impress your party people.

Top Cocktail Apps for the Holidays

Top Shelf Drinks

Best Cocktail Apps - Top Shelf Drinks

This golden oldie is a fantastic app to have in your cocktail collection. It features thousands of carefully selected recipes, all nicely organized into categories and types. No matter what type of drink you want to make at home, you’ll find it easy to find it in Top Shelf Drinks.  The app is customizable, allowing you to include personal notes to any recipe you find – perfect when you want to tweak a recipe to suit your taste.

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The Liquor Cabinet section allows you to maintain a list of spirits and mixers you already have in your bar. This makes it easy so you can search for drinks based on ingredients you already have. Should you find that irresistible drink on the app, you can add it to your favorites so you can go back to it quickly any time.

Price: $0.99 | Download: Link to App Store

Mixology Drink & Cocktail Recipes

Best Cocktail Apps - Mixology Drink & Cocktail Recipes

This app has been around for a long time and is still one of the best apps you’ll find when it comes to cocktail drink recipes. The app’s database features more than 8,000 cocktail recipes and you can find a drink by category or name, or by what liquors and mixers you have in your cabinet. Plus, you’ll appreciate the handy bartending techniques and tips on offer and where to find the closest bars and liquor store should you need to do some quick shopping. The paid version of the app gets rid of the banner ads and lets you save your own recipes to the app.

Price: Free | IAP | Download: Link to App Store

Bartender’s Choice

Best Cocktail Apps - Bartender’s Choice

This is a charming cocktail app from master bartender Sam Ross of legendary New York bar Milk and Honey. It is packed with some of the best collection of cocktail recipes that will make you feel like a pro yourself. You can sift through hundreds of recipes by spirit, style of drink, or sensation. Extra credits for the cool tips on much needed topics like ice, garnish, syrups, shaking & stirring. This app is perfect if you want to hone your bartending skills but even works great for the home bartender. Definitely one of the best collection of classic and modern cocktail recipes. You won’t have any regrets with this one.

Price: $2.99 | Download: Link to App Store

Perfect Drink: Interactive Cocktail Recipe App

Best Cocktail Apps - Perfect Drink_ Interactive Cocktail Recipe App

Mixing the right proportion of the different ingredients can be a little tricky when you’re initially attempting to make a great cocktail. That’s why you need the Perfect Drink. If you use the app with the Perfect Drink scale, it will display each ingredient in your drink in real-time and tell you exactly when to stop pouring. If you accidentally added an extra portion, this clever app will even tell you how to adjust the recipe, so you never have to worry about messing up your drink.

The app also gives you suggestions on what to make based on ingredients in your cabinet. It also puts together a shopping list of items you need for specific drinks you want to make but don’t have.

The app also has a great collection of recipes with new ones added frequently. All recipes are created and tested by experts. The app is perfectly customizable allowing you to enter your own recipes, add description and notes, customize existing ones, add photos and more with an intutive drag and drop interface allowing you to mix that perfect drink virtually.

Price: Free | Download: Link to App Store

Barback – The Best Drink and Cocktail Recipes

Best Cocktail Apps - Barback

Barback features a good collection of cocktails from classic ones to the latest fads. You can search the app based on ingredients you have or you can go for something completely original. The app also lets you save your favorite recipes for future reference.

One handy feature of the app is the ability to keep track of your bar so you can see what recipes you can make with your stock. You can even see what’s missing so you can stock up on them. New recipes are constantly added to the app so you don’t need to be worried about lacking fresh inspiration when you want something new.

Price: $4.99 | Download: Link to App Store

The Liquor Cabinet

Best Cocktail Apps - The Liquor Cabinet

If you want to know all there is to know about spirits and cocktails, grab the gorgeously designed Liquor Cabinet. The app features a comprehensive index of bottles, complete with tasting notes and its history. The app also features a nice little story about each of the cocktails, which adds a sense of richness to it. You could easily share such tidbits with the party folks and feel a sense of pride in knowing a great drink as well as making it. Also included in the app is a tips section that offers helpful insights on bar tools, glassware, and specialty ingredients. Don;t forget to swipe across the cocktail recipe cards to find creative riffs on the classics.

Price: Free| Download: Link to App Store

That’s a roundup of our favorite cocktail apps for the iPhone. If you’re planning a holiday party at home or chilling out with the gang elsewhere, these apps will certainly make the evening a whole lot fun. As always, drink responsibly and cherish your happy get-togethers not hang-overs.

Written by Adeline Gear
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