Dock Your iPhone Safely and Securely with ElevationDock 4

Dock Your iPhone Safely with ElevationDock 4 - MMFI

ElevationLab makers of the coolest iPad stand DraftTable have launched ElevationDock 4 – the first Apple MFi-certified iPhone and iPad charging dock designed to work one-handed. And we have all the details right ahead.

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The iPhone charging dock is one of the most useful accessories you can own. ElevationLab has been in the business of making great Apple accessories and their ElevationDock series is definite proof of that. The company has now announced the next iteration of the dock – ElevationDock 4 and there’s plenty of great reasons to pick this up if you are in the market for one.

ElevationDock 4 Features

How can you make a great iPhone dock even better?

That was the question on the minds of the development team when it started designing ElevationDock 4.

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They decided that they wanted a dock that:

  • was super easy to adjust
  • could hold an iPad too
  • had integrated Lightning support
  • had to have Apple MFi certification
  • offered easy one-handed undocking
  • had a smaller footprint; and
  • needed absolutely no assembly.

The result was a compact device with a minimal design.

ElevationDock 4

The ElevationDock 4 has ultra precise adjustments to fit the iPhone and case up to 3.2mm. The deep 18° back angle with a ±4° adjustment option ensures that there is no wobbling when you place it on a desk or bedside. Plus, it easily adjusts to support different devices.

The shiny Lightning connector flexes only under high torque, ensuring that your phone doesn’t flop forward when you’re handling it. The  underside of the dock locks to smooth surfaces via micro air-suction with 2 levels of holding power.

See the ElevationDock 4

Design-wise, the dock is made of premium construction materials with CNC-machined stainless steel knobs, full medical-grade silicone overmolded body and braided cable.

The ElevationDock 4 is available in 2 premium finishes. Yuo can choose between the MatteWhite, which has a braided blue cord and MatteBlack with a dark braided cord. Both variants feature machined stainless steel knobs.

The dock is priced $59 and is available on Amazon as well as the official website. Check it out and tell us what you think of it.

ElevationDock 4 is the first Apple MFi-certified dock to work one-handed.Check out this outstanding compact charger from ElevationLab. #wireless charger
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