DraftTable is a Sturdy, Comfortable, Ideal Stand for your iPad

DraftTable is a Sturdy, Comfortable, Ideal Stand for your iPad Pro - MMFI

If you want to use your iPad like a desktop device, ElevationLab’s DraftTable offers the comfort and convenience of a great iPad stand.

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The iPad Pro is touted as an awesome productivity tool but that is far from the truth. Until now, Apple’s tablet offers more value as an entertainment device than a work-intensive machine. The comfort of working on a Mac just doesn’t match up to the iPad Pro’s capabilities. (Read iPad Pro vs Macbook Pro : Which Should You Buy?)

Add to the fact that the iPad Pro sits rather flat on a desk in its natural state, leaving you with no option but to look for a suitable iPad holder or tablet stand to give it that much needed viewing angle.

Thankfully, iPad stands are getting better by the day, like this Multi-Angle Aluminum Holder from Anker or this CounterTop Desktop White Mount Holder Stand from iKross. However, it is DraftTable from ElevationLab that truly catches the eye. Here’s more on the classy iPad stand.

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DraftTable – An Ideal iPad Stand for Pros


DraftTable is designed to look like a traditional drafter’s table. It is made of polymer, steel, and silicone and is sturdy and solid. The top of the stand is made from thick laser cut steel and has a matte black finish. Glass fiber reinforcements provide added strength to the legs.

A textured silicone top offers a good grip while hidden internal hinges make it easy to change the elevation of the stand. Despite the absence of any iPad locking mechanism, the DraftTable is not flimsy or slippery. And it doesn’t tip over when you put pressure on the iPad when writing or drawing.

DraftTable For iPad Pro

The DraftTable works on all iPad sizes, even with the cases included. It is even a perfect iPad mini stand. But what makes the DraftTable worth the money is the couple of bonus accessories that come with it. An ArmRest that acts like a fulcrum allows you to work on the iPad comfortably.

Your arm can rest comfortably on the slide while you are working on your iPad taking the weight and pressure off a hanging arm. A silicone PencilStand lets you place your Apple Pencil when not in use and locks it to your desk with air suction so it won’t tip over.

The DraftTable folds flat and is easily packable but it is still heavy, at about 2 pounds. That means it is almost as good as carrying your Macbook Pro. If you had to choose between the 2 devices, the Mac would win by a long margin. Still, if you’re taking a short trip to the café or park where you intend to sit and unleash your creativity, the DraftTable would be the perfect accessory to carry along with you.

The DraftTable’s perfect location though is at your desk. Particularly if you intend to use it as a second monitor to your Mac. Just place it on the stand, plug in the Lightning-to-USB-C cable and connect it to Duet Display to turn the iPad into a low-latency second monitor. Then just whip out an app like AstroPad, Lightroom, Procreate, or Adobe Sketch to unleash your creativity. Or an app like Ulysses or Blogo to continue working on your novel or blog post.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to good iPad stands, you need to look out for a solid, functional stand that offers complete comfort while working. If you are an artist or someone who spends a lot of productive hours on the iPad, ElevationLab’s DraftTable promises to deliver the convenience of a sturdy desktop setting that you can greatly benefit from.

DraftTable has a high rating of 4.7 stars on Amazon and is available at an affordable price of $99.99. Check it out and tell us what you think.

Written by Adeline Gear
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