Edit Audio Using Text with Descript an Exciting New Audio Editor for Mac

Descript is an Exciting New Audio Editor for Mac - MMFI

Audio editing is about to get super easy thanks to Descript audio editor app for Mac that lets you edit audio simply by changing the transcript text.

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Editing audio via a waveform editor is a lot of hard work. If you are a podcaster or someone who is in the business of creating, editing or publishing voice audio, you know how much time is lost in fixing audio issues.

Descript is a brand new Mac app from former founder/CEO of Groupon Andrew Mason. It aims to make audio editing as easy as editing with a word processor. Instead of editing waveforms as you usually do with audio, you edit a transcript of the recording.

All changes made in the transcript are then automatically reflected in the synced audio file. Correcting typos in Descript is 5 times faster than hand-transcription for typical typists, and twice as fast  as professional transcriptionists.

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Descript transcription is powered by Google Speech, which guarantees state-of-the-art transcription accuracy in just under 5 minutes. Plus, you can use the app’s correction and formatting tools to clean up text. While this is the best option for most people, anyone looking for up to 99% accuracy can upgrade to the human powered White Glove services.

Descript is also particularly useful for working on complicated projects. It offers easy options to add multiple files to a project, and copy/paste audio-text into composite documents.
You can also include speaker labels, navigation markers, highlights, and inline notes and search audio by text across documents. Descript also lets you export text with timestamps, audio in a variety of formats, and subtitles.

Descript also features a Wordbar that makes waveform editing fast and easy. You can click and drag a word to add/remove silence between them. Descript also supports crossfades and all common features in a waveform editor.

Descript Key Features

  • You can view voice audio files as text instead of waveforms  and edit the audio by editing text.
  • Offers automatic transcript with industry-leading accuracy in under 5 minutes
  • You can publish your project to the Web and share the link with others who can listen and leave comments on your interactive transcript.
  • Descript also has a full-featured waveform editor for fine-tuned trims and crossfades.
  • Comes with a Word Bar that lets you grab a word tab to add/remove silence between words.

Descript is For Anyone Who:

  • Needs Transcription services.
  • Needs to edit down single track audio.
  • Organizes lots of interview tape.
  • And looks for collecting feedback on audio

How Descript Works – The UI

Descript App UI

The Descript Audio Editor has a clean UI that’s easy to understand and use. At the top of the screen is the header that displays the open  project’s file name. It also houses options to play and pause audio, view playback time, jump to markers, and publish your project to the web for sharing with collaborators.

Just below the header is the toolbar where you access Descript’s Text Editing Modes and document formatting options. Right below that is the work area or the Script section where you edit text (audio) and correct transcripts.

A sidebar on the right displays an overview of your project including your compositions and uncut transcripts. You can also see how many minutes of free transcription is left in your account.


At the bottom of the screen is the Waveform Editor where you clean up and tweak your edits, add and remove silence, and add fades and crossfades. The Waveform Editor’s Wordbar lets you directly manipulate words from the waveform editor.

Using Descript

To use Descript, you can download the Descript Mac app for free and create an account. You can then take the tutorial to get a quick run through of how the app works. Your free Descript account comes with 30 minutes of free transcription. Just drag an audio file into the work area and you’ll get your transcript in a few minutes. You can earn an extra 100 free minutes if you refer the app to your friends and get them to sign up.

Final Comments

If you are an occasional transcriber who doesn’t need to edit audio files, you can check out the free version of the app that comes with some limitations. For others who want to edit audio files, you can sign up for the fully featured Descript Standard version at $20/month. An early adopter’s discount is currently available at $10/month.

Visit the official website to download the app on your Mac.

Need to do some audio editing on your Mac? Check out Descript - an app that lets you edit audio simply by changing the transcript text. #audio editor
Written by Adeline Gear
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