Get Out of Milk to Easily Manage Your Grocery Shopping

Get Out of Milk to Easily Manage Your Grocery Shopping - MMFI

If you are a routine shopper, and groceries are always on the top of your list, there’s no better app to simplify the job than Out of Milk.

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Shopping can be fun until you spent a few good hours in the departmental store and come home to realize you forgot the milk. Or cheese or whatever. Now if you carried a sensible shopping app with you, you’d never miss anything on your shopping list. And your time and money will be well spent. I’m not talking about those different to-do and reminder apps where you have all your personal and work related to-do lists organized.

I’m talking about an exclusive shopping list app that can keep the focus on just your shopping needs. An incredibly useful app like Out of Milk. Out of Milk has been around since 2012 but a complete redesign enticed me to check it out again.

For those of you struggling with your shopping chores, here’s what you can do with Out of Milk.

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Out of Milk Ensures You Never Run Out of Groceries

Out of Milk keeps the job of creating and managing shopping lists simple and easy. You can add items you need to buy in your Shopping List; you can keep track of  groceries you already have in the Pantry List and you can add miscellaneous to-do stuff in the To Do List.

Out of Milk

The Shopping List

The Home page of the app encourages you to get cracking with your shopping list by adding items from the Search bar. As you type your to-buy item, an autosuggestion box will open up displaying options to quickly choose from. The item you choose will automatically be categorized into a specific category.

For example, I needed to stock up on food coloring and when I selected the item, it automatically showed up in Baking & Cooking. Tap the item and you can add additional details such as the quantity you need, coupon codes, price per unit or some additional notes.

Out of Milk Shopping List

One of the most useful features of this Shopping List is adding items by scanning barcodes. Just head over to your kitchen, scan the barcodes on things you want to buy and voila! No typing needed and shopping list is done.

Out of Milk also maintains a history of items you’ve previously added to your lists. You can always hit up the Add from History link to include items from previous lists. So there are multiple ways to add items to your shopping list, and all of them are easy to do.

Cost of Shopping

When your shopping list is complete, the List Total at the bottom of the screen will display the likely cost of items in your list. That’s if you entered the pricing information in the item page at the time of adding the item.This will give you some idea of the cost involved in shopping.

When you are actually shopping, you can simply tick off items from your list. Out of Milk will move them from your active list to a completed section. The bottom of the app’s screen will update with the Cart Total and the Items in Cart.

Out of Milk is quite thorough and customizable in terms of creating as many lists as you like. If you prefer, you can have lists for Birthday shopping, Christmas shopping, Grocery Shopping and so on. Just hit the My Lists button to the right of the screen and set up your lists. You’ll find it far more organized that any shopping list app you’ve used before.

The Pantry List

The Pantry List is the next important feature of Out of Milk. This helps you keep track of items you already have in your pantry. For example, you can enter how many eggs you have, how many bags of flour you have and so on. Items in the Pantry list can be marked as units or in generic quantity such as Low or Full.

So if you have a carton of milk you can mark it as full while you can mark eggs as 6 or 12. When you are running low on milk, you can mark it as low. When it is time to add the item to your shopping list, just select the item from the Pantry List, click the + sign and add it to the appropriate shopping list. It is a pretty straight forward process.

The To-Do List

The last feature in Out of Milk is the To-Do list, which lets you just prepare a list of stuff you need to get done. Maybe you’re planning a house party and need to keep track of things you need to do before you go shopping or after you’ve completed shopping. Just the little niggles that might slip your mind in the last minute.

Final Thoughts

In my use of Out of Milk, I found it to be really user friendly and easy to use. This is definitely one of the more wholesome shopping apps I’ve tried. I just never fancied the shopping lists that came with my shopping app or recipe app. This app gives me better control over my grocery shopping needs.

I can create as many lists as I want and track items in my pantry without spending too much time in my kitchen in the last minute. Out of Milk is a highly useful shopping app that I’m sure you’ll find great value in if you are a frequent shopper.

There was just one thing that I did not quite fancy with the app and that’s the theme colors. I’d love to see options to choose my own custom colors for the app. That would really be swell.

The app is available on the App Store for free, so I encourage you to give it a try.

Price: Free | Download: Link to App Store

Written by Adeline Gear
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