Take Handwritten Notes and Annotate PDFs with Noteshelf 2

Take Handwritten Notes and Annotate PDFs with Noteshelf 2 - MMFI

Notes are a lifeline for busy people and the right note taking app can make your life blissfully smooth and organized. If you own an iPad, you probably heard or used Noteshelf. This popular Notes app made it super easy to take handwritten notes, annotate PDFs and more.

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Now, the pricey, yet popular app has made its way to the iPhone. Here’s a closer look at the features and functionality of Noteshelf 2 and why it good be a good investment if you are someone who uses the Notes app a lot.

Noteshelf 2 – When You Organize Your Life by Notes

The default Notes app is great for simple activities but when you want more out of your Notes app, like filling forms, adding bookmarks and signing contracts, a more powerful app is needed. Noteshelf 2 has landed for the iPhone so you can get all its awesome features on the smaller screen.

Handwritten Notes

Noteshelf 2

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One of the biggest highlights of Noteshelf is the ability to take neat, stylish handwritten notes, thanks to the calligraphic effect of the app’s pen. And Noteshelf 2 doesn’t disappoint. Writing on the iPhone app feels smooth and fluid, almost as if you were writing on paper.

The app offers all the tools you need to write – from pens to pencils and highlighters. And you can even choose a different color and size options according to how you want your notes taken. If you feel like sketching, the zoom option in Noteshelf 2 allows you to get in all the details in the close up view.

Markup Documents & Images

If you work with PDFs, Microsoft documents, and images a lot, then the good news is that you can open them in Noteshelf. You can then highlight keywords, underline important lines, and write notes directly in the documents.

Textboxes, Outlines, Checklists & Audio

If you don’t care to take handwritten notes, then you can type them out or record it. If you are typing notes, you can use a number of styles and formatting options available to take down your notes. Plus you can create outlines using bullets or numbers and create checklists using checkboxes. If you’re too much in a hurry to write down your notes or type them down, you can take audio notes. You can do multiple recordings and playback the recordings anytime you want along with your handwritten notes.

Drawing & Sketching

Noteshelf 2 Features

Noteshelf also lets you draw perfect geometrical shapes with its automatic shape creator tool. You simply need to tap on the appropriate shape icon and draw the shape in your note.


If you are using long winding documents running into 100’s of pages, you can bookmark important pages to make them easy to find later on.


One of the most important functionalities that we need with notes is organization and many apps simply can’t meet that challenge. With Noteshelf 2, you can create notebooks for different purposes and store them in one location. You can group similar notebooks with simple drag and drop options and you can also use categories to create another level of grouping within each group.

Sync & Share Notes

Noteshelf 2 works with iCloud and that’s great news for anyone who likes to access them on the iPad as well. The app also offers third party integration with Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive and OneDrive. In fact, if you have an Evernote account, you’ll appreciate the Evernote Auto-publish feature that lets you automatically send your Noteshelf notes to Evernote.

Secure & Backup Notes

Finally, you can keep your notes safe with a passcode and automatically backup your notes to Dropbox account so you never have to worry about losing your data.

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Final Thoughts

When it comes to working like a pro, you need only the best apps in the business. Noteshelf 2 with its rich features, ease of use and great reliability certainly is one of the outstanding apps you can own on your iPhone and iPad. If you happen to do a lot of note taking on your iPhone, consider this highly useful and completely professional app. You won’t be left wanting

Price: $4.99 | Download: Link to App Store | Website: Fluid Touch Pte. Ltd.

If you happen to be using Noteshelf 2, tell us how useful you found the app. We’d love to hear from you.

When you want more out of your Notes app, like filling forms, adding bookmarks and signing contracts, you need an app like Noteshelf 2. Check it out. #NotesApp
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