HiRise Pro is a Slick New iMac and iMac Pro Stand from Twelve South

HiRise Pro is a Slick New iMac and iMac Pro Stand from Twelve South - MMFI

Twelve South has a new accessory and it is one for the Mac. Even if you cannot afford the $5000 iMac Pro, you can pick up this slick accessory for any iMac you own. Here’s the HiRise Pro for the iMac and iMac Pro.

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The iMac is a great desktop computer but if you spend way too much time stick at your desk, chances are you’ll end up with a pain in the neck. Literally! That’s where Twelve South’s HiRise Pro comes into play. This is a stylish, modern height adjustable sturdy metal stand designed to raise the height of your iMac, iMac Pro, or external display so that you don’t suffer from neck strain anymore. Here’s more on the HiRise Pro.

The HiRise Pro Stand for Your iMac

The HiRise Pro is gorgeous. It features a gunmetal steel side to match the body of the stand. On the other side is an elegant walnut grille. The grill is held in place with strong magnets that allow you to switch from gunmetal to walnut to complement your workspace. Or, depending on your mood, you can change between the two different looks.

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The HiRise Pro is also useful as it is gorgeous. At the top of the stand is a soft leather valet tray that you can use for charging your iPhone, or place your keys and glasses. In the center is a hiding place where you can keep your wallet, AirPods, hubs, external drives, docks, and more. The front grille offers enough ventilation to afford the hard drives ample air circulation.

internal storage on the HiRise Pro

A super convenient cable management slot at the back lets you straighten out all those darn tangled cables on your desk and manage them more effectively.

See the Stand in Action

The HiRise Pro has 4 shelves in all. You can elevate your iMac or external display to 4 different heights according to your needs. The stand will rise up to 3.54 inches when placed on the top shelf. You can also use this stand to lift up the iMac to the same height as a secondary display.


HiRise Pro supports all current iMacs, the new iMac Pro, and high-end 4K / 5K displays that have a base width of 10-inches or less. The HiRise Pro would make a wonderful gift for an iMac user. You can pick up this handsome stand from Twelve South or Amazon for $149.

Do check it out if you want to reduce desktop clutter and have a pain-free desktop user experience with your iMac.

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