Teach Kids the Fundamentals of Coding with Hopster Coding Safari for Kids

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Want your little ones to learn the fundamentals of coding? Then check out one of the more exciting kids educational apps on the App Store called Hopster Coding Safari for Kids. Designed for kids 4 years old and over, this is an animal themed game that helps build the foundation for children to learn coding. Here’s a closer look at how this app helps in imparting the necessary skills to build their coding skills.

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Hopster Coding Safari for Kids

Hopster Coding Safari for Kids App Review

Hopster Coding Safari for Kids imparts 4 fundamental techniques of computational thinking. That includes Decomposition, Pattern Recognition, Abstraction, and Algorithms.

The teaching involves solving simple puzzles using cute animals. Each animal represents a specific continent. So, you may have to help a bear get to the lake by dragging the correct pieces of the broken path to reach the destination. Similarly, you can tap on different animals and help them get to their respective destinations. By playing such fun games with animals, children become familiar with puzzles and problem solving techniques.

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Learning Skills

Hopster Coding Safari for Kids App Review - Problem solving

As the game progresses, the tasks become more difficult to solve. Playing Hopster eventually helps children understand algorithms and then create and follow them. They also learn how programs store and manipulate data by using symbols to represent information.

This understanding helps kids develop programs with sequences and simple loops, to express ideas or address a problem. They can also decompose the steps needed to solve a problem via a precise sequence of  instructions. Debugging errors and using logical reasoning to predict the behavior of simple programs are also part of the learning process.

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The coolest part about Hopster Coding Safari for Kids is that it is 100% free to download with no ads marring the user experience. It is also 100% safe for kids. The animations, music, sounds, instructions are all brilliant and that comes as no surprise considering that the development team has an award-winning kids learning and entertainment app in Hopster.

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Just remember that this app does not teach specific programming languages. It only builds the foundations from which kids will build on and learn to code.

Price: Free | Download: App Store |Website: Hopster TV

Check out the app on your iPhone or iPad and tell us what you think.



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