How to Add a Calculator To the Widget Screen on Your iPhone

How to Add a Calculator To the Widget on Your iPhone - MMFI

Wouldn’t it be super convenient to have a calculator on the iOS widget screen? Well, you can if you install a third party app. Here’s how to add a calculator to the widget screen on your iPhone.

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The default calculator on your iPhone doesn’t offer the flexibility of adding the calculator to the Widget screen. That’s a real shame since it is one of the most useful apps on your iPhone and one that is used quite frequently.

If you are really missing the utility of the calculator on the iPhone’s widget screen, you can get the Calculator app from International Travel Weather Calculator. The app is free to download but there is a subscription plan and IAPs if you want more.

The Calculator App

The Calculator app is more than just your average calculator. It allows you to do all the usual basic math calculations. But turn it around to the Portrait mode, and it become a scientific calculator allowing to to perform logarithmic functions, equations and other scientific calculations.

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The app also features a built-in currency converter. Just select your location to automatically have the appropriate currency activated. Then its just a question of tapping the Converter button at the top left of the screen to view the calculations in the local currency.

The app also lets you view a history of your calculations and also copy the result or equation from the History view. Plus, the app offers drag and drop functionality and full support for the Apple Watch.

The Calculator App

How to Add a Calculator To the Widget on Your iPhone

Now to add the Calculator app to the widget screen, here’s what you need to do.

1. Navigate to the Notification Area.

2. At the bottom of the screen, tap Edit.

3. This will open up the Add Widgets screen. In the More widgets section, scroll down and tap the green + button next to The Calculator to add it to the iOS widget.

How to Add a Calculator To the Widget screen on Your iPhone

4. Tap Done.

Now in the Notification area, the calculator widget will be displayed. Tap the Show More link to bring up the calculator. You can now perform all your non-scientific calculations right in the Notification Center. If you want to continue working on your calculations, but prefer to use the app, you can tap the handy Open App key on the calculator to continue your calculations on the app without losing any information.

Calculator on the Widget Screen -iPhone


The Calculator app is free to download and use. The free version is ad-supported but it only shows up in the app. If you intend to use the app mostly in the widget section or on the Watch, then ads shouldn’t bother you much.

Price: Free | IAPs | Download: Link to App Store

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