How to Share Your Wi-Fi with Friends Without Sharing Your Password

How to Share Your Wi-Fi with Your Friends Without Sharing Your Password - MMFI

iOS 11 introduced a feature to allow you to share your Wi-Fi connection with your friends or others without expressly revealing your password. Now there’s an even better way to share your Wi-Fi with friends or people around you.

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If you use the new Share iOS Password feature in iOS 11, you know that it can be a bit of a cumbersome job. Because every time you share the encrypted password, you have to do it manually.

Then there is the fact that the other person must have an iOS 11 running device with Bluetooth enabled for it to work.  Now you can simply use QR codes to share your Wi-Fi network with another person. This way, you don’t reveal your password to anyone and your friends can connect securely without bugging you every time.

QR scanning is already built into iOS 11. So to share your password, you simply get them to point their iPhone camera to the QR code and tap on the notification to confirm. That’s it. In the case of an Android phone, using an app like Barcode Scanner should suffice.

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Create a QR Code for Your Wi-Fi Network

The first thing to do to share your Wi-Fi with someone else is to create a QR code for your Wi-Fi network.

1. Head over to a website that allows you to generate QR codes. I prefer QiFi.

QiFi - Share Your Wi-Fi with Friends

2. On the website, you need to fill your SSID, security type, Wi-Fi password and then press the Generate button. The QR code will get instantly generated.

Create a QR Code for Your Wi-Fi Network

3. Once the QR code is generated, click on the Export button to save the QR code as a PNG file.

How To Share Your Wi-Fi with Friends Using QR Code

Time to share your Wi-Fi connection. If your friends have an iPhone running iOS 11, ask them to open the Camera app and point it to the QR code.

They will see a banner notification asking them to join the network. Ask them to tap on the notification and tap the Join Network button. They will have to confirm joining once again in the next Alert box.

That’s it!

They should be connected to your network.

So the next time you want to share your Wi-Fi network with a pal, just follow this simple guide and make the transfer easy.

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