Incase Announces IconConnected a Power Sleeve for the MacBook Pro

InCase IconConnected Sleeve- MMFI

Design-centric accessory makers Incase are well known for their high-quality bags and sleeves. The company got the chance to showcase its latest offering at CES 2018 at Las Vegas – the IconConnected Power Sleeve.

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Here’s more on the device that should make charging your MacBook Pro or any other device a breeze.

If you spend long hours on your Macbook Pro, you probably hate having to reach out for a charger every now and again. Incase, makers of bags and accessories for the ever evolving Apple ecosystem have a solution. A laptop case that also charges your device.

The IconConnected Power Sleeve

IconConnected Power Sleeve

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The IconConnected Power Sleeve is a protective Macbook Pro case that features a built-in battery that can deliver a full charge to your Mac. Tucked at one end of the sleeve, is a 14,000mAh battery  that can power two full recharges on the MacBook Pro.

On the inside is a small area that holds a short USB-C cable, so you’ll never find yourself caught without one when you’re on the go and away from a power outlet. The sleeve also includes a USB-A port to power other gadgets if you have any.

incase IconConnected

The IconConnected Power Sleeve is pretty awesome but there’s a bit of a downside to how you charge your device with it. You cannot charge your MacBook Pro when it is in the sleeve. If you expected to simply toss your Macbook inside the sleeve and drop it in your backpack for recharging, you’re not going to be able to do that.

Nevertheless, if you spend a lot of travel time during work, you’ll appreciate what this power packed sleeve can do for you.

The Incase IconConnected Power Sleeve will be become available in Q3 this year although a specific date hasn’t been announced. It will come in two variants  –  13-inch and 15-inch, each costing $199.95.

That does sound like a costly proposition but for someone who regularly works on the go, it may be just what the doctor ordered.

What do you think of the Incase Connected Power Sleeve? Is this something you’d be willing to spend $200 on? Let us know in the comments section.

Written by Adeline Gear
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