Turn your iPhone into a Powerful Handheld Gaming Device with Gamevice

Turn your iPhone into a Powerful Handheld Gaming Device with Gamevice

Thanks to game controllers, you can turn your iPhone into a powerful handheld gaming device like the PS Vita. Tapping, swiping and onscreen controls are alright, but nothing is more satisfying than smashing those controller buttons and tasting sweet victory. If you agree with me, then Gamevice is the gadget that can deliver that satisfying experience for you.

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The current crop of iPhones – iPhone X, 8, 8 Plus, iPhone 7, 7 Plus with their retina displays, crisp eye-popping graphics and powerful processors make for a pretty powerful handheld gaming device. If you love playing games with a joystick with their physical buttons and triggers, you may be keen to replicate that playing style even with your iPhone. That’s where Gamevice comes into play.

Gamevice for iPhone


Gamevice is a dual analog joystick controller that fits on the left hand side and right hand side of your iPhone. It is collapsible and expandable, adjusting itself nicely onto different-sized iPhones. Only issue is you’ll have to discard your iPhone case if you are using one.

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The controller sports A, B, X, Y buttons, D-Pad, L1, R1 bumpers, L2, R2 triggers and a menu button, all designed to feel comfortable to the touch. You connect the controller to the iPhone via a Lightning connector.

To charge the controller, just plug in the power cord that came with your device into Gamevice. You can simply charge your iPhone and the power pass through mode will power up the controller.  If you play long hours, you’ll appreciate the fact that the device weighs just one-third of a pound. You’re not likely to have game fatigue with this one.

Gamevice supports over 1000 games on the App Store from Assassins Creed, Halo, NBA 2K17, Grand Theft Auto, and Call of Duty to The Talos Principle and the Final Fantasy franchise.

Gamevice isn’t just made for the iPhone. You can also use it to control app controlled gadgets such as Sphero’s app-enabled droids and DJI’s Spark Drone.

The Good

  • Can be adjustable to suit different sized iPhones
  • Lightweight with comfortable controls
  • Supports over 1000 games
  • Pass-through Lightning port for charging
  • Works with drones and certain Sphero-based toys

The Bad

  • Does not work with iPhones carrying cases
  • Separate purchase required for iPads
  • No built-in battery

The Bottom Line

If you are an avid iPhone gamer and the thrill of playing with a joystick/ controller excites you, Gamevice is a contraption that can deliver a phenomenal mobile gaming experience. Check it out on Amazon or visit the official website to learn more.

Written by Adeline Gear
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