Enhance Your iPhone X Photos with the All New olloclip Connect X Lens System

Enhance Your iPhone X Camera with olloclip Connect X Lens System- MMFI

Whether you are a photographer or someone who loves streaming events on the iPhone, you’ll friend a great friend in olloclip. The company has been making ground breaking lens sets and accessories for mobile since 2011 and have launched the all new Connect X Lens System for the iPhone X. The Connect X is designed to help iPhone X photographers shoot wider and closer angles with ease. Want to know all the details?  Read on.

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olloclip Connect X Lens System iPhone X Specific Features

olloclip Connect X Lens System

The highlight of the olloclip Connect X Lens System is Connect X interchangeable lenses that can be instantly adapted to any shooting environment. The Connect X Lens System also has features unique to the iPhone X, such as:

  • Expanding Lens Mount: This opens to easily accommodate all kinds of screen protectors. It also intuitively aligns with both front and rear cameras without the need for extra parts.
  • Connect X Interchangeable Lenses:  You can easily switch out the removeable lenses on or off the phone to instantly adapt to any shooting environment.
  • Pendant Stand: It also comes with a stand to comfortably carry the iPhone X lens set. The stand can be opened to form a pocket-sized tripod. Perfect for those times when you need to shoot stabilized video, live stream events, take time-lapses or simply watch a movie.
  • Telephoto Camera Compatibility: Users looking for greater optical zoom and magnification can easily flip the individual Connect lens within the clip to double the effect of the lens.

Lens Types

olloclip Connect X Lens

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In all, there are 6 olloclip lenses available for the iPhone X. Each lens is designed using premium multi-element glass optics.

  • Super-Wide ($59.99) – This is a four-element lens with more than 120° visibility.
  • Ultra-Wide ($59.99) – This can shoot a 155° action camera field-of-view
  • Fisheye + Macro 15x ($59.99) – It can deliver a unique 180° wide-angle spherical effect with 15x increased magnification
  • Telephoto ($79.99) – It offers 2x optical zoom allowing you to get twice as close to the action
  • Macro 14x + 7x ($59.99) – This lens lets you get all the close details of your shot; and
  • Macro 21x ($59.99) – This is for taking the ultimate close-up shots.

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Availability and Pricing

The Connect X lens system for iPhone X is available now at olloclip.com and Amazon.

Prices range from $59.99 to $79.99. You can also pick up the Mobile Photography Box comprising 3 lens for just $99.99.

Want to enhance your iPhone X photographs? Get the all new Connect X Lens System for the iPhone X from @olloclip and shoot professional images with ease. #iPhoneX, #iPhoneLens, #iPhonePhotography
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