Share Your Travel Experiences with the World with Lonely Planet Trips

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Craft stories and share your travel adventures with the Instagram-like travel app Lonely Planet Trips.

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If you’re planning to take a break from your work to visit exotic destinations, chances are you’ve downloaded apps like Lonely Planet Guides. Lonely Planet is a name that is synonymous with travel guides, ones that feature contributions from the world’s best travel experts. However, their recently launched app Trips offers a completely new perspective to discovering travel spots. Here’s a closer look at what the app has to offer.

Lonely Planet Trips – Travel Guides For You, By You

You’ve heard from the experts. Now its your turn. Trips by Lonely Planet makes you, the regular traveler the expert travel guide. In just a few taps, you can upload your vacation photos, craft stories about your destination and share it with the world.

For starters, the app features contributions from experts and you are automatically set to follow some of the app’s featured travelers. You can then choose to receive notifications whenever your social contacts post a trip.

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Trips by Lonely Planet

Then its all about discovering the world’s hottest, most adventuresome spots. The Discover section of the app lists 9 categories for submitting your stories. You can select a category and then browse through a collection of trips within that category. For example, if you’re thinking of a road tri, you can check out Exploring the Garden Route in South Africa. This is a 10 day road trip that will take you through 6 different cities starting from Cape Town and ending in Port Elizabeth.

Lonely Planet Trips

Creating Your Travel Guide

If you do take that trip and want to share your story with the world, hit the big Plus button at the bottom of the app. Then, upload your photos. The app uses geo-location tags to group pictures by location and arranges the photos in chronological order. After adding the photos, you can start writing down your experiences.

You can add a subtitle, write a brief intro and then hit the Add Content button. Then add all your text, media elements and maps. The whole guide creation process is super intuitive. A few customization options are available for tweaking the layouts but the default options are perfect as is. And before you know it, your travel adventures have transformed into a wholesome guide that users around the world can enjoy.

At the moment, the posts feed isn’t super active like Instagram. However, as more travel enthusiasts join in, the app is likely to start displaying plenty of great trip guides. Instagram is the still the app of choice for showcasing vacation photos. But with Trips, there’s a good chance that users get more information related to the vacation spot, which is completely lacking in Instagram. But, thanks to Trips’ Instagram integration, you can link your vacation photos to Instagram too!

Lonely Planet Trips app

Final Thoughts

The success of Trips however, is in the hands of casual travelers who should be willing to share more than just their photos. If they are ready to add inspirational content on their travel experiences, then Trips will be awesome. That looks like a lot of hard work though. But for those who are deeply passionate about travel, the app offers a refreshingly easy way to share their journeys.

With features like the ability to like trips, follow others, save favorite stories, discover new trips by location or theme, and access to top recommendations from Lonely Planet experts, inspiration for that next trip of yours is just a tap away.

So if you love to travel, discover unexplored places, and share your experiences with the community, Trips by Lonely Planet is a great way to inspire and be inspired.

Price: Free | Download: App Store Link | Website : LonelyPlanet

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