Mail to Things Update Makes It Super Easy to Create To-dos on Things 3

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Things by Cultured Code is a gorgeous and powerful task manager that totally impressed us. The app now has a new update that makes it super easy to create new tasks using email. Here’s more on how you can create to-dos with Mail to Things.

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If you are a Things for Mac user, you know that there are plenty of ways in which you can capture new tasks on the dashboard. App extensions, Quick Entry, 3D Touch and Siri to name a few. But until now, these methods were restricted to use only within the Apple ecosystem.

But as users, we interact with more than what’s in the Apple ecosystem. That’s why Cultured Code has introduced Mail to Things – a feature that opens up your Inbox to new workflows that were previously impossible to do.

Mail to Things Feature Update

Previously, it wasn’t intuitive to create tasks in Things for Mac from your Apple Mail, which does not support app extensions. With Mail to Things, you only need to send the email to Things Cloud and it will appear as a to-do item in Things.

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1. Just open Things Cloud Settings.

2. Enable Mail to Things.

3. Send an email to your new @things email address.

Mail to Things explanation

The subject line in your email will become your To-Do title and the rest of the email will be added to the To-Do notes. You just need to ensure that you save your special Mail to Things email address as a contact for the quick entry.

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Thanks to this brilliant new feature you can quickly create tasks from platforms where Things is not available. For instance, from Android, Windows, and the web. You can forward an email to Things from your iPhone and you can even give your Things email address to your team lead or coworkers to easily delegate tasks easier.

Automated Workflows

Mail to Things is brilliant in that it also works with various apps and online services like Zapier, IFTTT and Workflow. Using Mail to Things, you can build workflows that create to-dos for you automatically. This opens up the possibilities to do do much more.

Check out the links below for some automation capabilities in IFTTT and Workflow.

Workflow URLs

IFTTT actions

Thingsapp Applets :

Mail to Things makes the already intuitive task manager Things even more flexible for capturing tasks. You not only save time on task creation but also become more productive and get more stuff done in less time.

Mail to Things is a free update for existing customers. If you are new to Things, Things 3 is available on the iPhone and Apple Watch for $9.99, iPad for $19.99, and Mac for $49.99. There is a 15-day free trial on the website if you want to test the task manager before buying.

Website: CulturedCode |Download Links: App Store | Mac Store

Things for Mac has a new update called Mail to Things that makes it super easy to create new tasks using email. Check it out! #productivity
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