Mindful Powers is an iPhone App That Helps Kids Deal with Stress and Anxiety

Mindful Powers App Review - MMFI

Stress and anxiety are no longer limited to adults. If you’re noticing your kids struggling with these issues an app like Mindful Powers will help them deal with the problem in a more holistic way.

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Its not easy to discuss emotional subjects with children. Schools do offer some basic teaching on the subject but kids are more trusting with parents and it is up to us to help our little ones understand how to be mindful of our emotions and handle difficult situations without throwing tantrums.

Thankfully, we don’t always have to sit with them and have long painful chats. A much more pleasant way of tackling the issue is available via the wonderful app Mindful Powers. The app is loaded with plenty of exercises that explain your emotions and how to deal with them. Here’s a closer look at what the app can do for you.

Mindful Powers App Review

How do you get a child’s attention and keep it? Introduce him to a cute character like Flibbertigibbet – that’s the hero behind Mindful Powers who will help your kids learn how to deal with stress and anxiety.

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The app recommends that you use your headphones for an immersive experience and as parents, you begin this journey with your kids before letting them find their way around the app.

Mindful Powers

Once you begin the mindful journey, you are taken to a play space with a glow gem. Tap the gem and a little girl will introduce you to the cutest sea creature you’ve ever seen – Flibbertigibbet.

Flibbertigibbet is full of emotions and its so adorable you smile at its antics. Shy at first, Flibbertigibbet soon turns curious and mischievous and being highly emotional, it also gets quickly upset. Its your job to keep the cutie pie happy and glowing. And you do that through a series of voice guided exercises.

Mindful Powers Activities

Mindful Powers iOS App Teaching Mindfulness for Kids

Activities in the app involve smoothing out Flibbertigibbet’s ruffled bumps and one of the thing’s you’ll notice is how impatient and rough you are when attempting the exercise. The app reminds you to go slow when you follow the instructions, you realize you’re focusing more on the task and in the process actually calming down.

The app also helps understand situations that involve real danger and those that don’t. That way, we prevent unwanted anger, irritability and overreaction when it isn’t called for. Practicing mindfulness therefore helps to control how we react during stressful situations.

Mindful Powers iOS App

There are also breathing sessions that help children understand and practice how to keep their minds from wandering or becoming distracted.

Mindfulness takes time and a lot of practice and you can practice the app’s exercises repeatedly to develop the habit. There are 10 interactive voice guided sessions in all, the first 3 of which are free. To unlock the rest, you need to pay $5.


The app’s UI itself is easy to navigate and the charming graphics, animations and voice sessions are sure to keep the kids interested in learning more. Mindful Powers is a wonderful app for introducing kids to the habit of mindfulness and living in the present moment. Learning these skills at a young age will help them when they grow into teens and adults where there is more exposure to stress and anxiety.

Do check out Mindful Powers on the App Store! Its free to download and then $5 for the full version.

Price: Free | IAP | Download: Link to App Store | Website :Smashing Ideas Inc. Web Site


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