Power Your Laptop, Tablet, Phone and USB & AC Devices with Powerstation AC

Powerstation AC - MMFI

America’s #1 selling mobile battery case brand Mophie has launched an external battery called Powerstation AC that can power all of your devices, including the ones that need an AC outlet.

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If your work involves a lot of travel and you use a number of gadgets you will find great use for the Powerstation AC. Let’s say you carry a Macbook Pro, an iPhone, and a DSLR to work. A normal battery pack can power your iPhone and Mac. But if your camera runs out of power, you’ll need to head to a wall outlet to charge it. That means you’ll be losing a good bit of time until your camera becomes usable again.

Mophie has introduced a new external battery to its portable battery pack lineup. The Powerstation AC packs a 22000 mAh battery that can power up your Macbook Pro, iPhone X, iPad Pro and more.

The battery can charge a USB-C smartphone at super-fast speeds via the USB-C port. It also has a USB-A output port that is compatible with any tablet, smartphone, or other USB device. For example, the battery can provide up to 100 hours of extra battery for the iPhone 7, and up to 20 hours of extra battery for iPad Air 2.

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The Powerstation AC

The Powerstation AC is about the size of a small novel, weighing about 756 grams. It has a durable fabric wrap finish that keeps the device free from scratches when you place it in your bag with all your other stuff.

Ports in the Powerstation AC

With the Powerstation AC, you only need to press the AC charging button for 3 seconds and connect your device within 30 seconds to begin charging. One point to remember though is that the AC port is compatible with 110V devices that have a rating of up to 100W. You must never connect a device with a rating more than 100W.

Fast Charging


You can use the Powerstation AC to charge up to 3 devices simultaneously. In such a case, the AC output port gets first priority. If power is still available, the USB-C port will receive power, followed by the USB-A port.

The device also allows for Priority+ pass-through charging. That means when you’re recharging the Powerstation it first charges a device connected to its USB-A port and then recharges its battery.

You can see the battery status of the device by momentarily pressing the status button on the battery. The LEDs will indicate its charge level. Four LEDs means that the battery is fully charged, while one LED means that it’s almost empty.

The Powerstation AC output port is also GFCI protected. That means if a fault is found, the AC output port will immediately shut off and the LED will turn off.

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The Powerstation AC sadly does not come with a carrying case nor does it have wireless charging capabilities. For the Powerstation to fully charge, it will take about 18-22 hours. Just set the battery to recharge at night. When you wake up in the morning, all your devices will be ready for use.

The Powerstation AC can be ordered from the official website or Amazon for $199.95.

Written by Adeline Gear
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