Newton Mail Completes 1 Year– Celebrates in Style

Newton Mail is one year old. As the app celebrates its first birthday, we take a look back at the team’s achievements and one of the biggest challenges it faced that tested the foundations of its principles.

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The team behind our favorite email app has had some good times and some bad ones but we are super happy to see that they have survived the raging storms of the past year and sailed through successfully to celebrate their first birthday in style.

When Newton Mail took off in late 2016, it was everybody’s favorite app. And for good reason. With any other email app, there was a good chance that you ended up feeling harassed and weary by the end of day.

Newton Mail, for some reason simply changed all that. I don’t know if that’s because, (despite its simplicity) it is one of the most beautiful apps out there. Or because it lets you take care of most complex, mundane tasks with a click or two.

Whatever the reason, it simply works!

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And I love that it is a breath of fresh air in the convoluted world of emailing.

But that happiness didn’t last long when the company decided to move to a subscription based model. Newton’s bold decision sent ripples of shock across the community. And the company had to endure endless days of corporate-greed bashing as well.

In the end, the people who really depended on a solid email app stayed. And appreciated Newton for taking that decision so that it could remain sustainable and keep improving on the app to make it one you could rely on any time of the day.

Long story short. Newton Mail has survived the huge trust deficit it faced when it went subscription-based. And it has managed to keep bringing exciting new features while at it.

Alexa integration is my favorite Newton Mail feature, but I know some users who swear by Read Receipts, others by Tidy Inbox and still more by Snooze.

That’s the beauty of Newton Mail. There’s something for every email user and with more exciting updates planned especially in the Calendar section, I know that Newton Mail is only going to get better.

You can learn more about the app in my detailed review here. But, if you are too busy, just take a look at this interesting infographic that Newton Mail put together to highlight its achievements.

Newton Mail Birthday Infograph final newsletter (002)
Source: Paper Planes

If you are still searching for that elusive email app that will make email hassle-free, check out Newton Mail. They offer a 14 day free trial which offers a fantastic opportunity to explore and see how it works yourself. If you are serious about email, I’m sure you’ll find great value in Newton Mail.

If you have used this email app for Mac, do let us know your experience. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Written by Adeline Gear
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