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The Apple’s Pencil is no longer limited to the iPad Pro lineup. The new education iPad perfectly complements the Apple Pencil and if you are the proud owner of one such device or in the process of picking one up, here are some of the best Apple Pencil accessories you might consider purchasing to further your user experience.

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The Apple Pencil may not seem like an accessory that needs to be further accessorized. But you’ll be surprised at how creative developers can get. Today, you can take your pick from cases, holsters, stands and charging docks for the Apple Pencil.

The Best Apple Pencil Accessories

I’m not too sure if anyone is a fan of plugging the Apple Pencil into the iPad for the purpose of charging it. For a company known for its innovative capabilities, the idea of charging the Pencil by sticking it into the iPad at an absurd angle is thoroughly shocking as it is laughable. Thankfully, these 3rd party stands or charging docks save the day.

Best Apple Pencil Charging Docks

Best Apple Pencil Charging Docks

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TechMatte Apple Pencil Stand and Charging Dock

TechMatte’s Apple Pencil Stand is a sleek aluminum stand that can hold both the Pencil and its cap. It also comes with its own charging cord, about 1.5 inches in length. To charge the Pencil, simply remove the Pencil cap and place it into the connector portion of the stand. You can place the cap into the holder section of the stand so you don’t misplace it. When the Pencil is fully charged and not in use, you can place the Pencil into the cap hold of the stand until you want to use it again. This stand costs just under $20 and has a 4.3 star rating from over 549 shoppers.

LEFON Apple Pencil Stand

This is a sturdy Apple Pencil stand/charging dock that comes with a permanently attached charging cable and USB connector. The stand is easily portable and the 5 ft cable gives you the flexibility to place the stand you want when it is charging. The stand has a zinc alloy construction with a solid sturdy base. A rubber ring at the bottom of the stand keeps it from leaving scratch marks on the desk. To charge the Pencil, you must remove the cap and place it into the connector. You can keep the cap in the resting spot on the dock while it is charging. When the charging is complete, just pull out the Pencil and insert it into the cap until you need to use it again.

Simpeak Apple Pencil Charger Stand

The solid aluminum charging dock from Simpeak is a good looking durable dock you’ll love placing on your desktop. Its anti slip rubber belt at the bottom helps keep the dock from sliding from the desk. The dock comes with an assembled charging cable so you can get started without any additional set up. This dock also comes with a slot to hold the cap when the Pencil is charging. Price: $14.98.

Thankscase Charging Dock Station

This is a stylish charging dock with a slot to charge the Pencil and another one to hold the cap. Since it comes with its own 6ft cable, you can directly charge the Pencil at the USB socket. The stand is weighted to make sure it doesn’t tip over if you knock it by accident. Charging is pretty much on the same lines as other docks and when not in use, you can stick the Pencil in the cap and let it stay there until you have need for it. Prices start at $15.99.

Best Apple Pencil Stands

Best Apple Pencil Stands

If you find it perfectly acceptable to charge the Apple Pencil via the iPad, then you may want to consider an Apple Stand that does not offer charging capabilities. This is a lot cheaper and enough to place the Pencil comfortably on the desk without worrying about it rolling off. Here is our selection of the best Apple Pencil stands.

Belkin Stylus Stand and Base for Apple Pencil

Belkin’s Apple Pencil Stand is a inkpot-styled stand to place your Pencil when not in use. It is made from aircraft-grade aluminum to withstand scratches and other impact. The tip holder area is made from silicone to provide a soft protective cushion for holding it. The base of the stand is weighted to prevent the Pencil from toppling over. Price: $17.99.

ElevationLab PencilStand

ElevationLab, makers of the brilliant iPad stand DraftTable have a Pencil stand in their product lineup and this one’s got a slight 7 degree tilt to it to make it easier for you to snatch it from the desk and put it back. It has a solid construction with soft, premium medical-grade silicone to protect the delicate tip when you place it in the stand. The stand also has a NanoPad underside to hold to your desk with microsuction so it cannot tip over. Price: $9.95

Thankscase Apple Pencil Sand

Thankscase also have an Apple Pencil stand that lets you place the Pencil vertically or horizontally. It is a weighted sturdy stand with a flower mushroom design and is made from solid aluminum. For $9.99, this stand does what is expected of it.

Best Apple Pencil Cases/Holsters

Best Apple Pencil Cases and Holsters

If you use the iPad on the go, you’ll definitely want the Pencil to be quickly reachable. These cases and holsters will ensure that you never have to rummage inside your backpack to find the Pencil when you need it.

Stylus Sling Apple Pencil Holder

The Stylus Sling is an non-stick elastic holder that is wound around the iPad case. The Apple Pencil can fit snugly into the deep pocket and keep your device safe and secure. It also sports a convenient pocket to hold the USB charging accessory for the Pencil. The holder is clean, non-bulky and prevents any chance of snagging the Apple Pencil on your jacket pocket or handbag. It is available in a black or white version for $24.99.

Belkin Carrying Case and Stand

Another great product from Belkin, this one is a carrying case that also doubles up as a stand. This case has specially designed compartments to not only safely store your Apple Pencil, but also additional accessories like the Lightning charge adapter, an extra tip, and a cap.

The compartments have a soft fabric lining for additional protection. A sliding interior door keeps all of the accessories in place. The lid also has a magnetic seal to prevent the case from opening when it is stowed in a purse or backpack.

In addition to its storage features, this accessory also functions as a convenient stand for the Apple Pencil. Just prop the Apple Pencil at the slot in the far end for easy access. The slot features a recessed silicone tip holder that safely holds the device.

This Belkin carrying case and stand is compact and easy to carry with you on the go. Price: $24.99.

ZuGu Case

The ZuGu case is a peel and stick elastic stylus holder you can stick to almost any surface (except silicone). You can attach this stylus in any convenient position on your iPad case. Its stretchable pouch protects and keeps the Pencil secure. The accessory has a 4.5 star rating from over 250 customers. Price: $11.75

Twelve South PencilSnap

One of our favorite accessory makers Twelve South offer the PencilSnap. This is a magnetic protective carry case for the Pencil. Made from soft, premium Napa leather, this holster can easily attach to any iPad case. It keeps a firm grip on the Pencil, preventing it from accidentally slipping out, even if you turn your iPad upside down. Plus, it can also be used as a standalone protective case. Price: $29.99

MoKo Pencil Case Holder

The MoKo Pencil case is a good looking leather holder with a flexible elastic to wind around your iPad or iPad case. A snap-fastener helps to keep the Apple Pencil securely in the pocket and protect it from scratches and other damages. The holder is also water resistant. The holder comes in a lot of fun colors and has great reviews on Amazon – a 4.4 star rating from over 650 customers. Price: $5.99.

So that’s our roundup of the best Apple Pencil Accessories you can pick up from the market today. If you have a favorite case, charger or holder that’s not on this list, let us know in the comments section.

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