Things for iPad Just Got Better with Full Keyboard Control, Shortcuts and More Great Features

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Cultured Code, makers of one of the most useful and beautiful to-do apps for Mac and iOS just updated their iPad app to bring to on par with the desktop. I’m talking about Things 3, the brilliant task manager, which now comes with full keyboard support, powerful shortcuts, quick popovers, Type Travel navigation and plenty more exciting features. If you are the owner of Things 3 or want a solid to-do app and are considering Things 3, here’s everything you need to know about the Things 3.6 update.

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Things 3.6 Update – What’s New

Things 3.6 update

The main focus of the Things 3.6 update is to enable users to use the iPad app with an external keyboard without having to frequently touch the screen. The development team has made this possible with some powerful keyboard shortcuts and actions using the arrow keys.

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Editing Lists

One of the most common things you do with Things 3 is adding and editing list items. And that’s easy to do, thanks to the Magic Plus button, swipe actions and drag and drop.

But the moment you attach an external keyboard to your iPad, you lose all those easy features. With the keyboard attached, every list editing action requires you to lift your hand off the keyboard, touch the screen and make the change. This was frankly exhausting.

Keyboard shortcuts are the best ways to make edits and Cultured Code has found a way to activate the point of edit using shortcuts after which you can carry on making the edits as before.

For example, if you open the app and tap the down arrow, you’ll see the first to-do selected. Now you can use the arrow keys to move the selection around. You can also hold down shift and use the arrows to select more to-dos. Just like you do on the Mac.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Now that you are able to select your list without touching the screen every time, you can use these keyboard shortcuts to perform other actions.

  • Add a to-do below a selection: Command + N
  • Hit Return to open a to-do and use Tab to navigate inside of it
  • Close the to-do: Command + Return
  • Move items up or down the list: Command + Up / Down Arrows
  • Duplicate items: Command + D
  • Copy items:Command + C
  • Paste items: Command + V
  • Set a date: Command + S
  • Mark an item as complete: Command + K

Things 3 has over 70 keyboard shortcuts. If you want to know the most commonly used keyboard shortcuts, just hold down the Command key. You can also find all the keyboard shortcuts listed in this page here.

Type Travel Navigation

Keyboard navigation and control in the app is made possible thanks to a feature called Type Travel. This feature allows you to navigate the app without the need for a shortcut. You can just start typing in the app stating where you want to go and you’ll be taken there immediately.


Popovers in Things 3 are also fully accessible from the keyboard.  To open a popover, use Cmd+ S, then use the arrow keys to move your selection around. You can even start typing in any of them to filter down the results! To get rid of the popovers when using the Apple Smart Keyboard, use the shortcut Cmd+.

See Things 3.6 Keyboarding in Action


In addition to the comprehensive keyboard support, Things 3.6 also brings you these extra features:

  • Drag and Drop : You can now drag & drop to-dos to other lists in the sidebar.
  • Multiple Actions: You can now apply tags and deadlines to multiple to-dos at once. Select a group and tap ••• . This works on the iPhone too.
  • Undo and Redo: The iPad app now supports undo and redo actions as well.

Price: $19.99 | Link to Download: Things 3.6 for iPad

What do you think of the latest update to the app? Let us know in the comments.

Things for iPad just got better with full keyboard control, shortcuts and more great features. Check it out! #ToDoApps
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