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Twitterrific for Mac Review - MMFI

I woke up Friday morning to the news that Twitter was ending its support for its Mac client. As much as I love using the web interface, there’s something more personal with using Twitter on a Mac client. The end of Twitter’s official app for Mac gave me the chance to check out an alternative – Twitterrific. A big promotional push on pricing made my decision easier. Here’s my review of Twitterrific for Mac.

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What is Twitterrific for Mac?

Twitterrific is a beautiful, feature-rich modern Twitter client for Mac. It offers one of the best ways to read your Twitter timeline by presenting tweets in a chronological order. In particular, keeping away other people’s likes from your timeline. The latter, as is often the case, ruining a good experience on the official platform.

Every software that you use on your Mac comes with its share of great features and its share of disappointments. I’m going to jump right into them so you can be the judge and decide if you find the tool suitable for your needs.

5 Good Reasons to Get Twitterrific for Mac

1. An enjoyable clutter-free interface.

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2. Feature rich platform that is super easy to use.

3. Lets you work with multiple Twitter accounts easily.

4. Lets you customize the UI to suit your work style.

5. Provides a seamless experience across devices.

The Downside

There are two sides to every coin and every story. With Twitterrific, the pricing is the spoilsport, but more on that later.

First, let me first show you the good stuff.

Reason 1. An enjoyable clutter-free interface

Whatever your Twitter client of choice is, you definitely want one that feels natural and intuitive to use. Complicated setup with tutorials to help you find your way around the interface can ruin a good experience. Twitterrific for Mac keeps everything simple and sweet.

Just sign in with one of your Twitter account credentials, grant permissions and you’re all set.

The Twitterrific UI opens up in a long narrow column displaying your timeline. The top of the Twitterrific window displays your Twitter account name.

Twitterrific for Mac - UI

Right below it are the icons to switch to different views namely Mentions, Messages, Likes, Lists, and Searches. Further down lies the icon to Compose New Tweets.

Simply scroll through your timeline to read your tweets and tap inside a tweet to interact with it. You can keep using the app in its default narrow columnar format or expand it to a full screen view to enjoy distraction free tweeting.

Takeaway : In all, Twitterrific’s UI is easy to use, with all key features easily accessible. If it is your first time with the app, you’ll feel right at home when you login.

Reason 2. Feature rich platform that is super easy to use

Using a new software always involves a new experience and new learning. In the process of getting familiar with it, you shouldn’t feel out of place and lost. Twitterrific requires very little getting used to.

Viewing Your Timeline

One of the wonderful things about Twitterrific is that your timeline never displays tweets liked by your followers. The timeline is much cleaner with tweets showing up in chronological order.

Composing and Interacting with Tweets

Composing tweets in the app is simple and straightforward. Just hit the Compose button to start typing out your message. The Compose pane doesn’t sport options like including Location, Polls and GIFs that the official platform offers. But you do have the option to include attachments and emojis.

Once you’ve posted a tweet, you can open it up and do more. Like copying the text, editing or deleting it. If you want to reply, quote, retweet or like a tweet, you can click inside a tweet and see the options to engage with it. Otherwise these options stay hidden.

Twitterrific for Mac - Tweet Options

There’s another cool feature in Twitterrific  – language translation. If you see a tweet in a language you don’t understand, you can hit the vertical menu button and translate it in a language you understand.

The app is also image friendly. If you wish to copy or save an image that’s in your timeline, you can click on it to view it in a separate window. Then, right-click the image to copy or save it. Additionally, a small icon at the bottom lets you email, message or even AirDrop the image to share it with others.

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Interacting with Followers

Twitterrific also makes it easy to connect to people on the platform. To know more about a follower, just hit the Profile button displayed to the left of the tweet. You’ll find all the details you need from date of joining to the number of tweets, likes, mentions, following and follower stats. You can then engage with these details in any way you like.

Twitterrific for Mac - Interacting with Followers

For instance you can hit the Followers link to see the user’s Follower list and click on those names to follow them. This is a great way to build a meaningful following for your own site. And it also makes it easy to unfollow non-engaging accounts as well. Plus, you can block and report spammers from the User Profile window in just a single click.

Get Notifications and Work Uninterrupted

Twitterrific works in conjunction with the Mac Notification Center to alert you to any mentions and direct messages your account receives. This intuitive feature ensures you continue to work uninterrupted while still staying up to date on the latest happenings in your Twitter account. You can also customize your notification settings in System Preferences.

VoiceOver Support

Twitterrific also fully supports Apple’s VoiceOver functionality. Visually impaired users can navigate timelines, compose tweets, and even attach image descriptions using the VoiceOver Accessibility feature.

Quick Emoji Access

Twitterrific for Mac - Emojis

The Compose Tweet pane makes it easy to attach emojis to your tweet. If you are a big fan of these cute artworks, you’ll enjoy using them when composing tweets on this app. Just hit the Emoji and take your pick.


Editing with Twitterrific is also easy with the AutoComplete feature making it super easy for you to fill in usernames & hashtags.

Searches, Lists and Trending Topics

Want to find trending topics or search for tweets and people? Just head over to the Search tab and you’ll find what you need. Trends are global trends by default, but you can go to the Preferences section to localize the trending topics to your country. To search by topic or keyword, just type your keyword in the Search box and it is instantly available. All of these functions work smoothly and seamlessly with no inconsistencies.

Following Conversations

Following up on conversation threads between users is also straightforward on Twitterrific. You can hit on the chat icon at the top of a tweet to read the discussions in a new pop-up window.

Twitterrific for Mac - Conversation thread

Creating Tweetstorms

Tweetstorms is a scenario in which a user posts a series of tweets related to a specific topic or thought, mostly in an attempt to circumvent the character count restriction on Twitter. Twitter itself recently made it easier for users to tweetstorm on its platform. And not to be left behind, Twitterrific also supports tweetstorms. However, I wish this was a little more obvious.

First off, compose your original tweet and post it. Make sure to append a number (like 1/, 2/ ) to the end of the tweet to let others know there will be more to follow. Then self-reply to the tweet you just posted and compose the next tweet in the chain. Post this tweet and rinse and repeat until you’ve completed the series.

When a user loads any one of the tweets in the chain, all of the rest will also display as part of the thread.

Takeaway: After spending time on the official Twitter platform, using Twitterrific feels less stressful. There’s less noise and better control over what you see and how you engage with your tweets and tweeters.

Reason 3. Lets you work with multiple Twitter accounts easily

If you have a Twitter account, chances are, you have more. Managing multiple accounts and posting across multiple accounts on the official platform is never fun. Twitterrific makes this super easy to do. Once you’ve added additional accounts, you can right click on the reply, quote, retweet, or like button to choose which account you want to use for those actions. If you are composing a tweet or quote, you can click on your avatar and switch to another account without navigating away from the screen.

Twitterrific for Mac - Multiple accounts management

Plus, you can open each account you own in a separate window for better monitoring and engagement. You can also open multiple windows to monitor your replies side-by-side alongside viewing multiple accounts at once.

Takeaway: Engaging with multiple Twitter accounts can become hectic, especially when you’re navigating between different accounts. Twitterrific makes this process seamless and gives you better control over your activities.

Reason 4. Lets you customize the UI to suit your work style

One of the fun things you do with any application you own is fine tune its look and appearance. Customizing an application lets you add a bit of your personality to it and make it your own. In Twitterrific, you can do quite a bit of things from color coding tweet types to distinguish tweets and mentions at a glance, to changing the font size and font type, choosing an avatar shape or settling for a dark theme over a lighter one.

Twitterrific for Mac - Customization

You can also customize the appearance of media in the timeline or hide it completely if you don’t care for it. If you are a power user, you can take advantage of all these keyboard shortcuts over here. And, for even more convenience, you even create your own shortcuts in the Preferences. Finally, you can choose to keep auto streaming on or turn it off and do a manual refresh instead.

You’ll find all the customization settings in the Preferences section. Go play!

Takeaway: There’s nothing dull or dreary about Twitterrific. You can do as much or as little as you want and the customization settings lets you add a bit of personality to your accounts.

Reason 5. Provides a seamless experience across devices

I love the Twitterrific experience on the Mac. But I don’t carry my Mac in my pocket. I do have my iPhone on me at all times though and like to have the same Twitterrific experience on the iPhone.

Thankfully, the app works flawlessly on the iPhone too. With a few downsides that can be wished away by blowing some more cash on it – tsk tsk…- ads and push notifications.

But, thanks to the option to sync iCloud integration, you can enjoy some nice benefits too.

Like the Timeline syncing of the reading position. Just set the timeline syncing option in Preferences to Apple’s iCloud service or the Tweet Marker service. Twitterrific will then use the option to determine the reading position and make it easy to transfer the timeline from one device to another. That way you can pick up where you left off regardless of the device you are using.

Another nice thing is the ability to keep Muffles or mute filters synced across platforms. You can hide certain users, links, hashtags, or keywords from your timeline on the Mac and have that synced to the iPhone as well.

Again, all of the sync features worked flawlessly on both devices.

Takeaway: Twitterrific is the most natural way to access your Twitter timeline on the Mac and iPhone.

So I’ve covered all the good reasons to consider using Twitterrific for Mac. But there are some little niggles that you should also be aware of as well. Here they are.

Twitterrific Niggles

Now, the main reason I did not pick up this app earlier was the pricing. $19.99 just seemed a bit too much. But a big promotion gave me a chance to check it out. And from my use of the app so far, I haven’t been disappointed.

Twitterrific does have some missing features such as the inability to add location details to a tweet, check out the likes and retweet numbers at a glance, or view multiple timelines as columns rather than windows. But, I can’t say that I miss these and I really haven’t found any must-have feature missing either.

That said, I have one more complaint and that relates to the Twitterrific iPhone app, which stops short of being a complete tool unless I paid more.

The Bottom Line

The thing with Twitter is that everyone uses the platform differently. And client-based applications don’t perform typically like the official version. So there will always be those who want some feature or another or want a feature to work one way or another.

Twitterrific, to me has been one of the easiest and most comfortable client’s to use on the Mac. It doesn’t overwhelm with too much noise and it lets you decide how crazy or quiet you want to keep your Twitter activity.

If you want to enjoy a good Twitter experience on a Mac client, Twitterrific checks all the right boxes. If you hurry, you can pick up Twitterrific at a totally reasonable price of $7.99 now.

Download Link : Mac Store Official Website : IconFactory

Have you picked up Twitterrific for Mac? We’d love to hear if the app made tweeting and engagement easier for you. Do share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.



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