X-Doria Defense Cases for iPhone 8 and iPhone X Launching With Lifetime Warranty

X-Doria Defense Cases for iPhone 8 and iPhone X - MMFI

California based accessories maker X-Doria is launching new cases for the latest iPhone that offers military grade protection and a lifetime warranty. Here’s more on the X-Doria Defense Cases for iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

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If you are going to be the proud owner of the new iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X, then you probably want to get your hands on some new accessories as well. X-Doria are well known for their stylish and affordable iPhone cases and their latest line up is something you’ll definitely want to consider buying for your brand new gadget.

There are 2 series of cases that you’ll want to check out: Defense Lux, Defense Shield, and Defense Clear. All cases come with military grade drop protection standards and a lifetime warranty. Here’s more on the lineup.

X-Doria Defense Cases for iPhone 8 and iPhone X

Defense Shield

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First up, we take a look at the popular Defense Shield lineup. This series features a polycarbonate, transparent back, allowing you to showcase the iconic Apple logo while still delivering maximum protection. An anodized aluminum bumper frame protects the outer perimeter of the phone. The insides, on the other hand have a soft rubber lining to keep your device scratch-free.

An oversized lip on the front protects the screen from drops and scratches. The case also makes sure you have the best sound experience by amplifying the bottom speaker and redirecting the sound to the front of the case. This series is certified to survive 3 meter drops on concrete and that’s more than just military grade protection for you.

You can pick up these Defense Shield cases in Rose Gold, Red, Black or Iridscent for$29.99.

Defense Lux Cases for iPhone 8 and iPhone X

The Defense Lux model is designed for luxury. It sports many of the protective features of the Defense Shield but also has a rear back panel that adds texture, style and comfort to a top quality protective case. Again, it can survive drops of up to 3 meters on concrete with protection exceeding military grade drop standards.

The Defense Lux line is available in Black Carbon Fiber, Black Leather, or Ballistic Nylon.

Defense Clear Cases for iPhone 8 and iPhone X

Finally we have the Defense Clear cases for the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. They feature an ultra protective design with 2 layers of shock absorbing rubber. The outside layer of rubber offers grip, button protection, and overall drop protection. The inside layer of rubber actively deflects the force of shocks from the phone.

The back of the case has a clear, hard polycarbonate shield to protect the main body of your phone. Finally a raised front lip keeps off scratches when you place the phone on a desk or other flat surface.

You can order your favorite X-Doria case today itself on the official website or on Amazon.

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