Zagg Keyboard Cases Nomad Book and Messenger Folio Announced for iPad

Zagg Keyboards Nomad Book and Messenger Folio - MMFI

Popular accessories maker Zagg has announced two new keyboard cases Nomad Book and Messenger Folio for a range of iPad models. Both the keyboards come with Apple Pencil storage. And they are customizable to fit up to 7 leading tablets in the market. Here’s more on the Zagg Keyboard Cases that will start shipping from July 17th.

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Zagg Keyboard Cases – Nomad Book

Zagg Nomad Book

Custom Bumpers for a Custom Fit

The Zagg Nomad Book is an adjustable keyboard with a snug hard shell that keeps your iPad safe from scrapes and scratches. It comes with custom-fit bumpers that allow you to create a snug fit for your device. One bumper is a custom fit for the 10.5 inch iPad Pro and the second one is a custom fit for the 9.7-inch iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, and new iPad. The keyboard has a slim metal plate that attaches to the back of the iPad. It magnetically attaches to the inside of the Nomad case to hold your tablet securely.


The Nomad Book case can be used even when detached from the keyboard. You can place your device on one surface and still type with the keyboard on another. The detachable case also lets you adjust the iPad in four modes: book, keyboard, case, and video to view the screen at multiple viewing angles. Coupled with a reverse kickstand, it makes for a great user experience when you want to watch music and video files.

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Battery Life

The case comes with a rechargeable battery that keeps you typing up to 2 years between charges. The sleep-wake function conserves battery life when the keyboard is not in use.


The keyboard has spacious rounded, concave laptop-style keys for easy typing. The keyboard also has backlighting and tablet function keys. You can bump up your productivity by connecting another device to it, like a smartphone and toggle back and forth between them. The case also has a convenient slot to hold your Apple Pencil.

The Nomad Book is priced at $99 on Zagg.

Zagg Keyboard Cases – Messenger Folio

Zagg Messenger Folio Case


The Messenger Folio case is a simple, lightweight keyboard for the 10.5-inch iPad Pro. It has 2 viewing angles, a non-backlit keyboard, and an Apple Pencil holder. Bluetooth technology helps to instantly pair the keyboard with the iPad. It also has a rechargeable battery but this one can last only up to 3 months between charges.

It also sports a full-width kickstand that gives you the stability needed for viewing the iPad at a convenient angle. Comfortable, island styled keys let you type comfortably on the keyboard, just like you would on a laptop. The case also has a built-in holder for safe storage of the Apple Pencil when it is not in use.

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The Messenger Folio is compatible with Apple iPad Air, Apple iPad Air 2. It is available on Zagg for $59.

You can also pick up a variety of Zagg keyboard cases for various iPad models on Amazon.

Zagg has announced two new keyboard cases for the iPad - the Nomad Book and Messenger Folio. Check it out! #iPadKeyboards #iPadAccessories
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